Squad Swimming

Squad swimming is an exciting place for young swimmers to continue their swimming. Our squad structure starts with Puffins which are our earliest length classes and progress through Penguins Pelicans and onto Seals / Squad and Rookie Lifeguards. As our the swimmers progress through our structures leaning teaching becomes coaching. Squad swimming is aimed at young swimmers who are looking to keep fit, or continue their swimming towards becoming a competitive swimmer.

Our focus within Squad swimming is to continue the development of all four strokes, starts and turns whilst introducing our swimmers to a wide range of other activities  such as life saving, survival, and increasing our swimmers fitness levels. At the end of our squad swimming swimmers will be able to swim a minimum of 400m+, understand and be able to swim all four competitive strokes. Use correct starts and turns relating to the strokes, and have a clear understanding of other activities, and perhaps even move on to become an Olympic swimmer.

Our aim is to deliver a rounded swimmer, who can then make a their own decision whether to swim for fun, fitness, competition or move into a more specific water based activity.

Entry to Seals and Squad swimming is subject to a swim test

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Lesson Timetable
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