Improvers Lessons
Progressing on from beginners / Stage 1 classes the next step in the learning to swim pathway are our Gosling A / Stage 2, Gosling B / Stage 3 and Cygnets / Stage 4 lessons. In these classes children continue to develop the four swimming strokes improving arm and leg coordination, correct breathing techniques  and between Stage 3 and 4  gain deep water confidence. In Cygnets / Stage 4 we begin to introduce supervised  diving from the side of the pool into deeper water.

At the end of our improver's programme children will be able to swim or have a good understanding of  all four strokes, dive and have reached stage 4 of the Swim England pathway.

Swimmers entering  for Gosling A / Stage 2 should be able to swim 2-5m front and back unaided. For Gosling B / Stage 3 should be able to swim 5-10m both front and back using arms and legs and for Cygnets / Stage 4 should be able to swim three strokes Frontcrawl Backstroke and an understanding of Breaststroke for a minimum of 10m. In Cygnets / Stage 4 swimmers should be deep water confident and be able to swim with the teacher leading from poolside.

Our current lesson programme  can be seen here

Eastbourne  Bexhill